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A great deal of time and effort has been put into discussion about what this world really is. With recent films like the Matrix many people are opting out of the physical realities, in search of a more meaningful existence. There is no need to break “out.” Rather, we must learn to break “in.”

Learning to use our right brains and lower our brain wave frequencies from Beta to Alpha, allow us to make use of meditation in real and meaningful ways – not only in the traditionally accepted mode where one withdraws from the world into a quiet place and spends significant time meditating, but in a real life, right here, right now, I need answers, kind of way.

There is only one way to change the matrix you live in – and that is to change your inner thoughts. What you see before you is the result of the your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Learning to understand self, to know how you are thinking, is he key that opens you up to new possibilities. And guess what? The teacher is within YOU!

That teacher has always been there, waiting. There is no need to adopt any weird or whacky unfamiliar teaching from a large woman in a moo-moo waving incense around your head. There is no requirement to abandon your cultural or religious beliefs if you want to keep them. There are no messsages of guilt and shame, only love and understanding. There is a truth - it is a timeless truth that will speak to your sould in powerful ways. You can learn to feel more fulfilled, be happier and be who you really are. This is a journey that honours and respects self and you can begin right here, right now.

Just take a few minutes and spend it with yourself. Quiet your mind and your thoughts, breathe deeply, let go of the yesterday and tomorrow and just be in your body. Listen.

And always remember … YOU … are so worth it …

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