Beneath the Surface.


by:  Aria E. Appleford (

There are always layers in life. Layer one is simply the physical or the obvious. People can live very successfully at this level and find measures of happiness and fulfillment. BUT it you want to dig deeper, there are many other layers to explore and each one pushes and challenges us as it takes us places we might not ever have considered.

The part of ourselves that speaks to our hearts of all the possibilities, the part that pushes us towards deeper connections and understanding with self and life, is our soul. It requires a substance far more meaningful than just the “things” we acquire. It understands that you cannot simply think your way into happiness.  Jose Silva understood that perfectly and incorporated it into his work.

If we are only willing to focus on the positive, if we fear allowing negative emotions within ourselves then we are missing an opportunity that is key to our soul’s development. Our souls are fearless - they long to understand and embrace all of life, They urge us to wade in and face ourselves, to conquer and move forward. Pretending we do not feel negative emotions, or refusing to examine them allows them a power over us. We are stopping the natural flow of energy. There is never anything to fear from emotions, in fact, it is only when we refuse to allow them release that we can cause blockages that create illness and other difficulties. We stop emotions because we fear them, and fear is never a good thing.

My son told me once how he finally stopped his bad dreams. He said that for years he had dreams where he was being chased by nameless faceless monsters. He ran in fear throughout the night and often woke tired and afraid. One day he decided he had enough and instead of running he turned and faced the monster. Looking it squarely in the eye, he said “OK.” With that "OK" he had no idea what was about to happen – would he be killed? Eaten? Would he be forced to fight a long and drawn out battle? Would more monsters come, even angrier at him for having issued a challenge? He only knew that he was no longer prepared to run. So he stood and waited and to his surprise, the monster disappeared into the darkness from whence it came. It no longer had a purpose. It no longer had power BECAUSE he had taken it away. He did not know he always had that power BUT the moment he decided to turn and face it … it was gone.

It was a valuable lesson that applies to all fears in our life. Once the lesson has been learned the need for them is gone. They have been transformed and that transformation empowers YOU!!.

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