Where Your Heart Is.


Photo and Text by: Aria E. Appleford (http://neoscii.blogspot.com/)


Where your heart is

Where your heart is – there is your life. If you want to know why you are not successful in your life take a moment to find what captivates your attention for most of your day. This is your life and it may be your obstacle. It is your choice if you are at work all day – whether or not you are there physically. If first thing in the morning you are worrying about the pile of paperwork that will greet you, then go work for 8 hours, return home and worry about the things that did not get done and what needs to be done tomorrow – you have chosen your work to occupy your time and life. For you to say you wish you had more time with family and friends is foolish because you don’t make the time. You have two choices – change – or accept that work is more important for you and stop yearning for something you don’t want.

It is your obstacle when you realize how much time you spend thinking about someone who you are angry with. You go over and over what they did, what you should have done, what you would like to do... and your life swills in a negative cesspool of darkness. Then, when you wonder why you are not happy and able to find the love of your life, you understand there is no room for light and love in that kind of darkness. Because you spend so much time in this area - there is no room for anything else in your life. You have a choice again, let go of your anger so you can move towards the healthy relationship you seek OR stay in the darkness and forget even trying for a new relationship. Your anger is your lover.

Want to make a change? Become focussed on that which you want. The liar can begin to tell the truth from this moment forward and eventually, they will live a life of truth. You can love others until you become completely loved. You can walk away from who you are right now and walk towards who you are truly meant to be … it only takes your resolve, your attention, and this very moment.  Find a Silva Class near you.

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