by:  Aria E. Appleford (

There is a great deal of pain in the world. We make mistakes and we are often, for a time, defined by those mistakes. Sometimes the burden of bearing through the tough times seemingly alone and abandoned can take us places we never thought we’d go.

As children we believe the world idyllic in its simplicity, and we embrace all it has to offer with enthusiasm and wonder. As life teaches us that there are perilous pathways and difficult moments, we begin to respond to life with fear and apprehension, often withdrawing or seeking private methods of escape. We feel caught between looking back in horror at what has happened, and fearing that one step forward will propel us into greater mishaps. So we stay where we are, alone and afraid.

The only reason for ever going back in your life is to rescue that frightened child and carry it to safety in your own arms ... to take the time to rediscover that child and the dreams and hopes once known so deep within you that you even believed you could fly. Once reunited with that magical part of self, you move forward, accepting that pain is part of life’s journey. A woman must visit the valley of death in bringing life into this world. There is no way around that – to experience the greatest joy, one first considers the meaning of life itself. These are our pointing sticks, our lights of illumination, our wisdoms….these are the gifts of life.

I don't know of any other way to more effectively accomplish this healing except with Silva Ultramind.  Working with self, tapping into that power that is available to all of us to heal and expand our understanding ... this is the vision that Jose Silva had for the world.

We will all be challenged and broken. We will all face financial problems, relationship woes, illness, addictions of some kind … in every family everywhere around the world … these are part of life’s journey we make. Pretending you can shield yourself from heartbreak is to deny life itself. Instead you learn to accept that your heart must be broken open. As our hearts break, the damns break, and we let go our steely resolves and the feelings and emotions flow and we are able to begin to transform our lives. We heal ourselves, we heal our families, we heal the world.

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