Action Follows Being,


by:  Aria E. Appleford (

Who we are and what we feel about ourselves has a direct impact on our day to day living. “Action follows being” according to the Sufi saying.

The state of our mind controls the intent on our actions. If you start from a place of anger, the more likely you are to create an action intended to wound another or to justify your own wounding. When we take the time to remove the emotion from the situation we find that our reasoning powers and ability return and we can choose an action instead of blindly reacting. It is a known scientific fact that when human beings are experiencing negative emotions such as anger, they experience a condition known as “cortical inhibition” which means the higher regions of the brain, the ones we use to think and reason, shut down and are unavailable to us. We need to take that time to allow the negative energy to flow through us before we respond. Once the negative energy has dissipated and we are calm, we can review the situation and make a reasonable choice to govern our actions.

It is the same when we are working towards a cause – if our motivation is one of anger – even in a situation where anger is warranted – then we contribute to the negativity of the situation, often making it worse and escalating things, instead of achieving our desired result, of change and calm/peace/right …. We can never achieve our long term goals if our constant motivation is to fight against evil. Our goal must always be to achieve love. The first instance keeps our focus on the very thing we are trying to avoid –giving our energy to further that cause rather than giving our energy towards our goal. Jose Silva always taught that the intent must be to the best for everyone concerned.  This is one of the major reasons why Silva Ultramind is so effetive, it is based on truth and a profound understanding of how the universe works.

These principles apply to anything we are trying to achieve. Know who you are, get the feeling right, focus on the goal, choose an action … and begin!

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