My Journey.


by:  Aria E. Appleford (

We can end up in some strange places on the way to where we are going. All of us have had the experience of travelling somewhere by car, doing our best to follow maps over unfamiliar roads, only to find ourselves in a place we really shouldn’t be in.

When we have that experience in the physical world we simply take out the map, look at where we are, and find a way to navigate back to the correct road. When we have that experience in our emotional or spiritual lives, people tend to point to us and label us "bad" and "wrong" for being where we are. We get caught up in that same kind of logic when we judge ourselves.  Silva Ultramind can give us the tools to understand ourselves better and to step outside of these kinds of judgements which side-track so many.

The truth is we will all end up in places we had no intention of going. There are places that are plain dark, and scary, and dangerous ... and it can be overwhelming just dealing with them, let alone trying to navigate back to the safe road. In these instances it is important to remember that it is your intention that is the only thing to be examined. A person trying to live a life of integrity who makes mistakes is simply human and is a far cry from someone who purposefully chooses to destroy himself and others (also a human ... just lost...) Yet both can share the same space for a time on the journey of life.

If, on our holiday, we find ourselves in the wrong place, correct it and find the right road again, we do not then stop and go over and over what idiots we were. No, we keep driving, if anything, more determined to make up for lost time and get to where we need to be. Looking back after our arrival, the glitch in our travel plans serves only to remind us to watch for that confusing sign when it comes up on the road home … and to choose the other path.

Let this be our practice for our spiritual quests.

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