When Life Sucks.
When Life Sucks.                                                                                    by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

When life starts to go bottom up and you feel like you are coming unglued – don’t panic. The information being shared here is simply that what is going on in your life is out of sync with your core values. The physical and emotional is out of sync from the spiritual.

You must first spend time to understand who you really are to discover those core values. Growing up we gather many messages from others about what is important in our lives – some of which take us far away from self. Start with basic simple things and then try to bring those things into your life, or to live in such a way that honours them. Spirituality requires us to live authentically. Build on the basics with deeper truths and understandings, realizing this is a process that will take time but will be rewarding in and of itself.

It has been my experience that life has a way of getting very crazy in an attempt to gain our attention. When we stop and validate what we are feeling and then follow that feeling, we often find the source which we can address and change. It is like physical pain, it starts out small and builds until we finally address it and do something to fix what is causing it. We can get a jump on all pain – physical and emotional - by keeping the mind body connection intact and living in the moment.

A daily practice of Silva allows us a constant dialogue between body and spirit.  I like to do a quick check through my own body as I go to centre, or even if I am stressed during the day.  I ask, and my body tells me where it is holding tension and I always honor that information with follow-up.  The thing to remember is that the Spiritual is always there to assist us in our life's journey ... it is up to us whether we invite it in or not.  Silva is the technique to make that side of our lives an active part.


You have the choice in this moment of pain to either continue with the activities that are causing your soul distress – or to find a different way. If other people are involved it becomes more difficult but remember this – you cannot fix them nor can you fully understand where they are coming from or what they need. You can only understand self and then enter into a dialogue with those people asking for what you need and listening to their responses and requests for themselves. Then you can both decide on the path to take.

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