Silencing The Ego.
 Silencing The Ego.

by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Sometimes as we move towards greater understandings in our lives we fight the battle of ego. How do we disengage the insecurities and ramblings of our wounded ego’s so that we can stop the cycle of striving to qualify under an imposed set of standards that weigh so heavily upon us?
 Our ego always pushes us to search for empty and meaningless things that never bring us happiness. We are never satisfied because it is a treadmill that cannot takes us anywhere except back to our original starting point of needing to be more than what we are. If you make more money and can buy the things you want, you soon discover there are even bigger and better things to spend your money on. My grandmother always told me that rich people have no more disposable income than anyone else. Everything just proportionately increases to consume the earnings – so instead of buying a $50.00 dress you are now shopping for $500.00 dresses. When is the last time you heard someone who was striving to be beautiful say – "good, that is perfect now, I am there – I am beautiful enough now!" No there is always another rung … some other standard that looms before us and whispers that we are still not quite enough.

For people to grow and become, they require patience, love, forgiveness and compassion. You must first extend those gifts to yourself. When you can forgive self, you break the ego’s hold by destroying its arsenal of weapons involving self-doubt and guilt. We are not perfect, nor were we ever meant to be. We are learning as we go and the lessons we learn best, are those that cost us. So be thankful for the lessons learned, and move on. Keep the lesson and leave the guilt in the past where it belongs. You are not the same person you were 10 years ago or even last week, and what you have gained has allowed you to be more compassionate and wise with yourself and others.

Using Silva and remote viewing you can revisit your past and take the poing of view of observer.  There it is sometimes easier to look at the situation and gain the perspective necessary to move on with our lives.

Silencing the ego allows us to look up beyond our own narrow views and see the world as a whole.  It is like opening a window on a stuffy darkened room, heavy with dust and years of neglect … and as always … YOU are soooo worth the effort.
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