by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

When I teach people how to develop their intuition with Silva, it is interesting to hear some of the different perspectives on what that actually will mean to their lives. For some it is the opening of a spirituality in their life that their hearts long for, while others are simply looking for specific helps and insights to get through the day- to-day routines of life – including work and family.  Intuition involves multiple systems of knowledge. Knowledge does not always ensure that our lives are therefore easier – it simply means that we have a clearer understanding of the way things are. Often times, knowledge brings with it responsibilities and requires us to step way beyond our comfort zones.

One of the biggest obstacles to developing our intuition will be the things in our life that challenge our intuitive voice. We are all born with intuition, we all use it as children, but the process of growing and surviving often takes us on a journey deep into denial and fear and we quickly learn to silence our once constant companion. Rediscovering this part of ourselves is a bittersweet reunion between what has been lost and all the possibilities that exist.

To begin this process in earnst it is always good to spend some quiet time reflecting on and learning to be comfortable with self. Then, you can go within to discover those things that most capture your attention now ... for there you will find your diversionary centre – the things that have power over you and challenge your inner voice.
 You can learn all the skills in the world but practicing them within the inner prison walls of fear and denial , is difficult. This often is the stumbling block, that once removed, allows you the success you seek.


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