Behind These Castle Walls.

Behind These Castle Walls.

by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) 

 People often want to change but lack the tools to do exactly that.  Therapy can be expensive and for some, it is just not a choice they want to make.  How then do we gain the tools to turn our lives around, once we have arrived at the place where we are willing to examine ourselves?  Silva Ultramind can provide those very tools by teaching us how to quiet our minds and find the truth that lies within.

Most of us have walls of some sort built around us. Usually they are the result of past experiences or our beliefs and are created based on thinking that someone will do something to hurt or harms us. When someone or something comes along that challenges our walls, we tend to curse that person or the situation and dig in even deeper, perhaps adding a deep moat to go around our wall. With each attempt made we throw in crocodiles and put up barbwire ... anything to keep us safe.

We like to feel we are safe and secure, all alone behind these walls, our heart safely cocooned within our own bodies ... beating steadily .... away from those that might reach out to try and love us a little deeper.... We like to think we are being wise, an emotion check made at the door for every entry of self into the darkened fortress. But it is fear that built our walls and every breeze that caresses them threatens our retreat and puts us into steady guarded alert. We stand guard hypervigilantly ...never really feeling the peace and love we long for. Many people live their lives this way ... anxiously standing at the window of their fortress, scouring the horizon for and sign of invading marauders.

Love is about knowing and accepting who you are and allowing others to embrace that while they share this journey of life. In order to experience love you have to open the doors to your safe-rooms and head out into the sunshine. The sense of safety we are looking for can only be found by allowing others to love us, even if there is no evidence in our lives that we are loveable. For those of you most hurting and broken, it is often through the eyes of another that you begin to see the beauty of you ...


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