I Believe I Can.

I Believe I Can.

by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) 

You create your world in which you live. You create it with your beliefs and expectations. All the things you have been taught and told growing up, paint for you the world you see. Your beliefs cause you to behave in certain ways, and the ways in which you treat others creates the people you have in your life.

You have no control over other people. You can only control self.   This is one of the fundamental building blocks of Silva.  Realizing that you cannot control or force others to do anything, takes us back to standing squarely in front of our own mirror, examining ourselves.  Taking time to think about how what we chose in our lives affects others stops the cycle of blame in its tracks.

When people stop acting like a victim, they stop being victimized. When they cease to treat every person like they are going to try and cheat them, they stop being cheated. When they are loveable, they are loved. The world gives back to us what we offer it. You cannot tell a bitter angry man that the world is a beautiful place because his world is exactly what he expects ... full of bitterness and anger. He reacts to everything in that way .... he expects it whenever he has dealings with it. His expectations are met on every level and his world is indeed bitter and angry. Should you try to help him change that he would see no error in himself – only in everyone else around him. He would tell you to fix them and he would be happy.

This is a mistake many of us make - when a problem occurs we focus on the problem instead of looking at the beliefs and beahviours that create the problem.
Happiness never arrives to us as a gift deeded ... it is simply a choice we make. Our limited beliefs and expectations can change and grow and be replaced with new deeper, understandings. We can not change the past but we can change the way we think about those things, and as we change the thoughts that govern us, our actions change. As we change our actions, the world magically transforms itself in our eyes and hearts.
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