Personal Integrity.

Personal Integrity. 

 by:  Aria E. Appleford ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Personal Integrity, the search for spirituality and meaning .... all of these things require a journey where truth and honesty are your solitary companions. You abandon the trappings and guises of the standards and expectations of the world and make your lonely sojourn into a land of discovery.
Marking your way with profound understandings, brought to you by your own personal experiences, the meanings of life begin to deepen and enrichen. You embrace all learnings as information to better know self and in knowing self, your connection with others increases. You seek to simplify and reduce your life. Instead of focussing on “doing” you begin to systematically escape the insanity of consumerism and striving. You quieten the noise and replace it all with the practiced art of “being.”

In this journey you often leave people behind – those who are not quite ready to begin their own journeys as well as those whose paths are not defined by honesty. While we can feel love and compassion for others and be engaged in teaching moments ...we know that our success is strongly connected to removing the disingenuous from our environment. It can be a painful process of necessity that scars us with the profound awareness that this journey requires sacrifice in many forms. Truth becomes our refining fire. It guides us through the darkness, giving us a destination to navigate towards, it lends to us its illumination to carry with us as we go. It warmth ignites us with understanding. It consumes our dead wood and purges the impurities from ourselves and others.

As we make our way we discover the world within to be a rich and fulfilling place – one that provides all answers and awareness. Once we have marked our place there we can begin the outreach to others, and as they seek us out for understanding and answers, we can smile, and with a friendly hand on their shoulder, turn them round to face their own selves in the mirror.

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