Never A Better Hero.

Never a Better Hero.

by:  Aria E. Appleford 

When Obama was running for president I heard many people "oohing" and "ahhing" about how he moved them and how his words made them want to really commit to making America better. There have been other great leaders and speakers who have done the same for people over the years, and we certainly all know individuals in our own private lives who inspire us with their words and their charisma. The problem is that when we are inspired by other people we are open to their agendas – be they good or bad. We are still plugged in to an external source for our motivation. The magic happens when we can have that same “in awe” experience within ourselves. Taking the time to create a space where we can learn about ourselves should be a daily practice for all of us.

One of the gifts that come with implementing Silva into life is the personal growth it affords each of us.  Mastering the techniques, allow us to go to centre with ease and confidence, fitting into our hectic life-styles and busy schedules, instant peace and focus.  Meditation does not have to involve anything beyond what is comfortable or practical. People get caught up in what they think these sessions should look like instead of just letting them be.
For some it might be a walk along a beach each day. Others might find their time on the bus on the way to work each morning. Perhaps it is the 5 minute smoke break, or it could involve rituals that speak to your heart, like having a special place with music and candles. The point is that is doesn’t matter how you do ... the universe does not award better scores for those that make theirs pretty ... it only matters that the intent of your heart is to know and honour self.

During the time you choose, you commit to spending that time in the present, with your own being. You suspend all judgement of self and others and become a witness within. Everything that happens is a learning experience. You are gentle and loving and most importantly ... quiet.

It will be during these regular moments you take where you will begin to find that the most dynamic and inspiring of all human beings .... is YOU!! And the things you will learn will motivate you beyond what you ever thought possible. It will be honest and authentic .... and ALWAYS ... truth you can count on.
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