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 Here  you've the best information what STRESS is all about. The man who has the courage and dare to make a breakthough on this matter has   already used his Right Brain Henisphere, however without awareness. Through his findings at the end, he has been disturbed by his Left Brain one again, because at that time there wasn't a system yet in how to <Controll> the inner dimension of thoughts. He has been honored so far by health scientists (doctors) and at this time STRESS has to be recogbized as the number ONE stimulance of every disease thas attack the human race and shorten its life span.

Dr. Hans Selye was on the right track

He became famous for his work up in Canada studying a range of symptoms that were considered unimportant to other doctors. These symptoms were and still are commonly ignored because they can be found with most any kind of sickness, and observation of these symptoms is not helpful in any kind of diagnosis.

He was basically identifying stress reactions of the body and was able to gain recognition for these observations when he could identify some chemical changes that were occurring in most events of sickness and other stress. It was only when he could make the claim that certain chemical "messengers" in the body were the stress chemicals that his work was taken seriously and a new disorder, G.A.S. or General Adaptive Syndrome, was identified.

Now there is a certain group of hormones that are considered the stress hormones of the body.

But in reality these people could not know if these so-called chemical messengers are the representation of stress, the reaction to stress, or just a trend or side-effect in the body to a stressful event.

Selye was on the way to making a major theoretical discovery but he took a wrong turn when he sought out a way of medicating against stress by looking for chemical balances in the body that might be changed through pharmaceutical intervention.

He was making important observations about stress but made mistakes in the interpretation of the observations.

His greatest contribution was in showing the value of looking for the common events, the similarities in various kinds of sickness. But he got lost when assuming that the body "communicates" using chemical "messengers." (In a way he needed to ignore the nervous system contribution to communication to make this assumption.) He became famous because of the attention he got for the mistakes in his conclusions.

Stress is much more universal to the nervous system communication (and the body) than the misrepresented short list of chemicals identified as stress messengers by Dr. Selye.

But, at least, Hans Selye was able to get the medical establishment to begin taking stress seriously as an area of study.

I will need to go through a lot of evidence and logic in order to eventually show that stress is represented in half of the balance of communication in every nerve cell firing in the body.

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