Our world has for millenniums been ruled by leaders who doesn't have a <Firm> control of their <Emotions> in order to be CALM at any circumstances that could develop  "Cool" manifestations. The "hunger" to be very <Mighty> has lessen their "Humaniterian acts" to bring <Peace>, <Harmony>, <Security>, <Wealth> and <Health> into their countries. Obviously they perform on an <Objective> dimension while functioning only with a <Saturated> <LEFT Brain Hemsiphere>.
This is the very real truth and I think that nobody could deney or ignore such a situation of mostly destructive decission makers, while constructive developments has been merely made as a weak reason for their performances.
DR. Jose Silva as the only "lay Scientist" has invented a very new Science, named <Psychorientology> that could help humanity to better their lives, habits and attitudes to <Calm> their Minds at a state of  the so called <ALPHA OPTIMAL> level of thinking, decission making and actions.
Here resides our inner balance of using the functions of both Brain Hemispheres (Right and Left>) to be effectively used at the <Conscious> level, while the <Sub-Conscious> state could be trained to dominate the function of   <Objective> manifestation of our Brain.
The <Spiritual> age has been opened widely and has brought Humanity into the "Second Phase" of Evolution that the past has  secretely preserved. In this millennium this development will embrace all humanity to make the insane world into a Physical Paradise, Jose Silva has aimed with his invention.
Contemplate on this development and be prepared for the <Big Change>! Without such an invention it's useless to have thoughts of internal change, because we haven't been trained for that. We coi;ldn't evidence of the internal state of the ALPHA Optimal environment.
We need a "Perfect investigated System" in order to be prepared by using it and  implement it into the brain neurons of everybody who're 'jailed'  with their own limited  train of thoughts that has been produced unawarely since the time they had been educated <Un-spiritually> and not knowing that Spiritual manifestations means the "High Way" to <Higher Intelligence> aiming a prosper life "Without Troubles", isn't that thrue and attractive?
The Ultramind ESP coursework will lead you into the most sophisticated education we never could follow in the past. Be aware of it and make your ultimate decission to jump into the future of wide and positive only possibilities never could be expected..
A contribution of thoughts through the Science of Tomorrow, Today.
By:  Dipl.Ing.Ph.D. Rd.Lasmono Abdulrify Dyar
Senior Lecturer of Psychorientology
Director/Coordinator of said Science for
the Indonesian territory since 1983.
Column writer at  on the subject: "Magic Brain"

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