REINVENTING MEDICINE; Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing
“REINVENTING MEDICINE;  Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing”  LARRY  DOSSEY, M.D.
Published by Harper Collins, San Francisco , 1999.   271 pages.

I am submitting a book report on this work to our group because I think it is an insightful book that could be read profitably by our membership.

In this, his 8th book, Larry Dossey has divided the history of Western medicine into 3 distinct “Eras”.
Era I is quite primitive by today´s standards.  It is characterized by the notion that a patient is one who has been “attacked” by an illness or disease that has arbitrarily—or capriciously—settled upon him as a suitable target.  It follows from this that the Patient is then seen—and treated—as the innocent victim of an exterior force which is quite beyond his control.  This original view of treatment stressing the patient´s helplessness is what prevailed from early times.

Era II came about in the late 1940s when certain Behavioral Investigators began to notice that hard-driving businessmen were often subject to ulcers and that individuals with a lot of prevalent stress often suffered from migraine headaches.  From this, it is a very short step to the conceptualization that the patient begins to look like someone who has not been capriciously chosen to suffer but is, instead, a central contributor to his own level of daily health—or lack thereof.   The main thrust of Era II has to do with the connectedness of Mind and Body.  Words like Placebo, Psycho-Somatic (and Somato-Psychic) came to life in that Era.

Era III, the current mode, stems from a certain crisis in the medical profession having to do with the precise nature of Mind.  Dossey used the words “Nonlocal” and “Nontemporal” feeling that these words most correctly describe the phenomena of Mind.  In Dossey’s view, Mind is something that roams freely through time and space and we are all somehow connected to it. 

Traditional Science would like to believe that such a phenomena does not exist.  Since Mind is not something that can be seen or weighed or utilized upon demand, Science would choose to ignore it.  For many research investigators, the whole notion of dealing with such a scenario sounds just too “spooky” for words. 

In spite of their aversion, the evidence for Nonlocal and Nontemporal Mind´s existence is overwhelming.  In this regard, we who study Jose Silva’s teachings chronically utilize Nonlocal and Nontemporal Mind whenever we engage in remote viewing, remote healing, and so forth.  In daily life, we see that there are just too many examples of Nonlocal and Nontemporal Mind at work to dismiss them as coincidence.  Clearly, if one has the desire to investigate the evidence at hand, Mind represents something at work in our midst that should be utilized rather than denied.

Dossey concludes: “But the greatest contribution of Era III to healing goes beyond diagnosis, disease and eradicating illness.  If our minds are genuinely capable of breaking free from the body, then they are not subject to time and place.  The implication of this is so revolutionary that we instinctively dismiss it.  Although our bodies die, the timeless part of our consciousness lives on.  Era III provides a cure, therefore, for the “disease” that has caused more suffering for more people than any other: "-The fear of death.”  

Dr Dossey is a gifted writer; -his prose is lively and captivates the reader’s attention.   I would therefore suggest that if you are looking for some good reading, pick up some of his books—this one among others—and give yourself a reading treat…!
Respectfully submitted;

Malcolm Otis Delano, Ph.D.
Ajijic, Jalisco.  México.
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