Everyday in a better way...

A big dream came true for me in November 2006, when I went to San Francisco to become an instructor for the Silva UltraMind ESP System.


I was a kind of puzzled, full of ideas and plans with the burning desire to spread the word of José Silva and helping to make the world a better place.

At this time I called it "good luck" that I made a phonecall in a moment of courage to the Director Alex Gonzales Silva, who invited me to come all the long way to the United States for taking an instructor training.
Today I would name it a good decision.

After two years beeing active as an instructor for the UltraMind ESP System in Germany I have had wonderful experiences to help my students to relax at the Alpha-level.

In just two years I could watch many people getting better and better, and help my students to find the UltraMind way to make better decisions by themselves.

And for myself I'm very grateful and happy that I found my life and my destiny in my work.

Everyday in everyway my life is getting better and better and better.


(Gabriele Bauer)

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