The Silva System in Indonesia 1
THE SILVA SYSTEM IN INDONESIA 1 The Silva system, Psychorientology  has been introduced to the public in 1966 going through a research period of 22 years as from 1944 on invented by DR.Jose Silva. As a ‘lay scientist’ he leds ‘super intelectual participants’ with a high ‘intelligent’ performance as admitted by his counterparts Silva has such a wide vision of things that evolves at another dimension and not recognized by his supporters. Other scientists in the field of ‘Mind Research’ couldn’t be compared as such with what Jose could has done in expressing his feelings through ‘sensitive intuition’ that has made the direction of the invention that develops a self esteem attitude at high level. DR.Wilfred Hahn was one of the scientist who has trust in Jose’s visions and supported him while recruiting other scientists in helping to reach Jose’s goal. There’re not many ‘lay scientists’ in this world who could reach such a height like Silva does. In fact this invention has stimulate other scientists who’re eager to know exactly what has been invented by Jose Silva by doing ‘innovations’ but not ‘inventions. The main thing what Silva has done with his research is to place the ‘Psycho’ or Mind on the right track as to balance the entire realm, meaning the integrated function of conscious and sub-conscious plane, so to say, the ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ plane that resides in our brain as a  very important component of our body. It’s obvious how men was limited in their function how to actually perform by using only the <Left Brain Hemisphere> side to think with and to act simultaneously. Such a function will saturate said Brain and will limit any vision with regard of future information that still is at a dimension called <Subjective> and not existing yet at the <objective> dimension. Those information that has not been available to the ‘physical senses’.  As a matter of fact we’ve also senses that resides within our sub-conscious, meaning the non-physical senses, but never used as such, since at that region we’re sleeping to gain refressing condition of our well-being. But according to findings that research has revealed in ordinary rest through fast sleeping performiance without any ‘control’ whatsoever, couldn’t gave us the ‘Optimal’ result of a one hundred percent productive perform in our daily use of Mind and Body. The Silva System could guarantee, that with a controlled sleep, we’ll gain such a result. As factually proved, when we sleep at an ordinary way, we couldn’t maintain an optimal condition throughout, let’s say twelf hours a day. Our productivity is maximal four hours that drastically will lessen after intensively working for eight hours. This will make an average of only twenty to thirty percent of our productivity during twelf hours. What could be expected at such a height when we must reach a one hundred percent of productivity for twelf hours and maybe more? Of the twenty four hours a day, six whole hours will be ‘unproductive’ for things like going to the shower, breakfast, lunch, dinner, on the way to and from the working place, taking chats and so on. And when we are exhausted and need to have a deep sleep, for a lot of people, a six hour sleep isn’t enough. So, what could we actually do with four hours of high productivity to fill a whole twelf hours of the day ? There’re of course individuals who could work for over twelf hours but they’ll make themselves vulnerable for high stress conditions, that’s for sure! And making mistakes and vulnerable for accidents. This is the situation we’re facing in this hectic world over so many times and that’s why a lot of people couldn’t solve problems adequately. We need productivity desperately to manage and maintain our life that should be as healthy as we could handle it. This stress problem has been ignored so far and most people doesn’t know that they’re at a stress condition, because they’ve been living with it and has made it like a habit. Believe me, when we’re at such a condition, in fact not any drug could help suffiently. Only a deep relaxing condition could be able to help in this situation, that unfortunately has to be faced every day. There’re individuals who’ll laugh about this information. Let them laugh as they like, but when they come to be stucked in their performance and suffering sickness, they’ll be depending on help from others…health specialists, drugs and so on. Are you such an individual? Be aware of stress, it will shorten the lifespan of the human race. A controlled sleep means, that when we come into a low frequency of beneath the 14 Herz of Alpha to 7 Hertz, we feel already the kind of body relaxing and stressing thoughts that’ll leave our Mind slowly. We’re at that moment in the pre-sleep condition. Research of sleep has revealed that it’ll have a cyclus of ninety minutes or one and half an hour, going from said pre-sleep to a sleep- and deep-sleep- condition. Scientifically spoken, going from the Alpha- into the Theta- (7 - 4 Hertz) and Delta- (4 – 0,5 Hertz) condition. Then, passing by at Alpha for several seconds, or with a controlled sleep for 5 minutes and going again through the second cyclus of one and half an hour and so on. So, in a six hour sleep we could have a summery of twenty minutes Alpha. Even at a three hour sleep we have enough of an Alpha condition i.e. ten minutes. This will supply us with a productivity of over twelf hours mentioned above. Are you willing to have a high level of productivity? Well, the Silva System is there for you, for your benefit of health, happiness, comfortability and all of the good things that could be obtained in any success performance. More later.Rify.  
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