Written by Margaret Parrott   
Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hi, my name is Margaret Parrott I work as a Speaker and Demonstrator, that is, I work as a Clairvoyant and Educator, I teach courses on all matters of a Spiritual nature to educate people on the mechanics of Science and Spirit. 

My soul purpose in life from an early age has seemed to evolve around understanding the phenomena or psychic events that occurred reguarly since I was around five years of age.  I didn’t really understand what I had or how to use it. This ability would be active at particular times in my life and dormant at other times, I had no real control over turning it on or off, it just happened. 

Through self searching and educating myself I began to understand the powers that be. I found a good meditation group run by a Spiritual Medium who helped answer many of my questions and showed me how to use this gift with the right intention and to help not only myself but also others.  During the late seventies I heard of Jose Silva and his teaching methods and required his book and began working with some of his techniques. These were very closely related to what I had discovered and I was putting into practice.  

Reaching the Alpha level seem to be the main exercise to practice as this level helped me understand how we could connect to our higher self and the Spiritual dimension; I also discovered that by daydreaming or visualising or using your imagination you entered this Alpha level quiet easily. 

Growing up in the country and not having playmates on a regular basis left me with a lot of time amusing myself on our property. I can see now why I was able to have that wonderful connection during my early years, I was in alpha without realising it.

As I grew older and realised other children weren’t seeing or hearing what I was I learned to be aware of what I said to others, sometimes even turning this lovely gift off on purpose as I didn’t then understand it.  

Finally in 2006 I had the opportunity to visit America, something I never thought possible, but it happened. I took the course and new that I would like to teach it.

Maybe my soul experiences in life were all leading me up to taking this course at an age when I would be wise enough and educated enough to be able to help others.  

I have studied in America under Alex Gonzalez, the director of the Silva Ultramind ESP System to become an Instructor and Educator of this wonderful course. Jose Silva began many years ago with his research into psychic phenomena and since the early sixties produced hree course, each one advanced on the first.  The very latest course before he passed was the “Silva Ultramind ESP System and feel feel privelidged to have been taught the best course of all, as this course takes us deeper into the field of science and spirituality and helps us to understand the importance of the connection between body Brain and mind.   

My work  as a clairvoyant has improved greatly since I have taken the silva Ultramind ESP System course and applied the exercises reguarly.   My work now involves teaching others of the benefits that this remarkable man, Jose Silva has gifted to us.

Check my site for testimonials, dates and times in 2009 for seminars in Western Australia.   

May the rest of your life be the best of your life

Margaret Parrott
Silva Ultramind Instructor

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