The Brain as center of Thoughts
Written by Lasmono Abdulrify Dyar   
Saturday, 25 October 2008
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The Brain as center of thoughts.,
According to my experiences and learnings of many expressions in books, my personal opinion is, that those expressions are depending very closely on what has been harnessed in their 'brain neurons' while that makes one's peception of what has been unfolded by the author's intelectual and perceptual recorded facts of experiences.

The sensitivity of receiving information through 'objective' and 'subjective' dimensions are obviously supported when persons don't have negative stress performance that could interfere in the 'inner management of thoughts'. I'm a lecturer for the Indonesian territory of 'Psychorientology', since 20 years, named popular 'The Silva Mind Control Method'. I'm very convinced about what has been unfolded through his coursework 'Basic Lecture Series' and the 'Ultra Mind ESP'. It's a system that indeed changes behaviour and attitudes into high morality and ethics, as results of scientific research of nearly 56 years, that now a days are declining very fast in this world because of 'Stress' as the main reason which could ample be solved by the lack of 'Mind Control'.

If every human being, naturally uses the right and left brain hemispheres at a balanced way, the world would be a planet of peace and harmony throughout all the phases of human evolution. It's worth to try and not to critisize without having a thorough inside knowledge on what the exact meaning and results are of a certain system that has been developed through scientific research without any 'modifications' of other systems. This is my contribution of thoughts coming from a 'subconscious management'.

Regards and Success.
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