UltraMind Alternative Healing System
Silva Ultramind Alternative Healing SystemGood health is the foundation of good life. Without good health, you will not be as productive as you could be, you cannot be there for your family the way you want to be, and you won’t enjoy all the goodness that life has to offer.”

“The better your health, the more energy you will have to solve problems and improve conditions for yourself and your loved ones.”

“To insure that people remain healthy, it is essential that there be a healer in every home.”
Laying on of hands
“There are many health problems that can be arrested and corrected if human energy is correctly applied at the first sign of the symptoms.”

In the beginning, humans had to rely on faith, holistic, alternative or prayer healing. We did not have radiation, chemo, penicillin, or sulfa drugs; yet somehow humanity survived. All we had to work with was our mind and human body radiation.”

- Jose Silva, Founder

Learn what we have found to be the most effective holistic faith healing, alternative medicine, and the therapeutic touch techniques practiced by faith healers throughout the world.

Laying on of hands1. The Human Aura’s Seven Energy Fields
2. Mental Screen
3. Three Scenes
4. Defocus Vision for entering Alpha with eyes open
5. Spiritual First Aid
6. Tape Recorder (localized health problems)
7. Tape Recorder (general health problems)
8. Hand Vibration (localized health problems)
9. Hand Vibration (general health problems)
10. Glass of Water (self programming)
11. Glass of Water (medication)
12. Glass of Water (reinforcing mechanism)
13. Laying on of Hands (localized health problem
14. Mental Energy Stimulation (local)
15. Mental Energy Stimulation (remote)
16. Standard Healing Cycle( general and localized health problems)
17. Healing by Proxy
18. Psychic Surgery
19. Confusion Technique
20. Expectation Technique

Programming glass of water
• Learn the common denominators in subjects
• Learn the ideal set of conditions for healing
• Learn the common denominators for healers
• Learn the ideal set of conditions for healers


• What keeps it strong
• What is the greatest enemy of the immune system
• What stimulates the immune system


• Learn how to use a vibrating magnetic field to stimulate healing
• Learn the eight areas to apply the tape player
• Learn how long each application should be
• Learn when and how often to have an application
• Learn which type of tape player to use

Hand vibration technique


• three ways to energize your immune system
• how to use the alpha sound for the correction of health problems
• how to program water for healing
• holistic faith healing through telekinesis
• how to trigger the survival mechanism for healing
• the difference between negative and positive suggestion and its effects
• holistic faith healing within the human aura through psychokinesis
• the tree components of faith
• how thoughts can hurt others
• the difference between visualization and imagination and how to use them for healing.

You can learn how to use the correct level of mind -the alpha level- and the correct techniques to direct your natural human energy for the correction of health problems to help you and your loved ones live a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

This 2-day seminar is open to all who want to develop their natural faith healing abilities to help one self and their loved ones.


Everyone interested in helping others
• Everyone interested in alternative medicine
• Everyone interested in natural healing without side effects

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You can register to any of the available classes. One of our certified trainers will contact you very shortly after registration, with further details. We welcome any questions you might have.

About the organization

The Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1975. Its purpose was to promote holistic faith healing.

Mr. Jose Silva helped the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology with its mission to train faith healers by conducting healing seminars.

Now Silva UltraMind International, Inc. with permission from the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology to use their techniques, will present the original holistic faith healing seminar and present it exactly the same way as Jose Silva did.

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