Lessons from toothache
Written by Karol Zelazny   
Saturday, 31 May 2008

Some people learn from wise masters, others from old manuscripts. Good for themJ! My life’s purpose program takes a more direct route. This is what I have learned from a toothache while visiting  Florida this winter. 

Two days into the trip, that I enjoyed with my wife and teenaged son, one of my teeth started acting up parallel to my teenagerJ!   While I yearned for peace and quiet, quite different conditions were threatening my peace of beach. I had travel insurance but prospect of visiting a dentist was not that inviting. 

I tried some pain relieving topical treatments, with no results. The pain was increasing and I decided to take a strong action to remove it. Knowing that all in our life is, including pain and pleasure, made up of reference points I asked my mind to show me any ref. points that constituted this particular toothache. If the theory that observing any scenes that contain reference points with detachment will release such reference point is right, then my toothache shall be blasted into oblivion, after such therapy!

Well, I tested this theory many times before and got some outstanding results. Will it work this time? You can bet your pain, it did! The scenes came fast and furious. I did review my entire life back, forth and sideways. One of the scenes was quite surprising. I was in high school at that time, 11th. grade, and had just made school’s athletic team. There was some major regional school championship coming up in a few days. I was to run 4oo meters. As I was waiting for my event, horsing around with other kids, I twisted my ankle just a bit. I never run this race, complained to the coach about ankle discomfort. Actually, as I realized while viewing this scene, this was a convenient excuse. I did not really wanted to run, having some performance anxiety, after watching other kids blast out of the starting blocks.

Perhaps I was afraid of coming last? What I couldn’t have known at that time was theundeniable fact that buried fears don’t die; they became a major pain in the ass or perhaps a toothache! Conquer your fears at ULTRAMIND seminars!

Go, run your races, all of you now!

And visit Naples when you find the time!

Force is with you!

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