Written by Karol Zelazny   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Many great New Age/New Thought gurus tell us that if we only change out thoughts, believes and habits we can form our life any way we choose. Close enough, I almost agree with the above statement but I would like to add few extra ingredients to formulas that don’t work in a long run. True change must have a solid foundation of understanding  who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  Become a seeker of wisdom! Think outside of a box and outside of a paradox. 

            We only live one life…but we are also eternal beings. How is it possible? Our present life is the latest adventure in the journey of our Spirit. Jesus told us: “It is Spirit

who gives life.” St Paul added: “May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly and

may your Spirit, Soul and body be preserved complete” He said “your Spirit”. Your personal Spirit. Most of the people have heard that we have a Soul, our eternal essence

that survives our physical death, but Spirit? What is it? Humans are multidimensional

entities. When a body is conceived Spirit (know as Kundalini in the eastern spiritual science) enters that empty vessel just like we enter our house after a day of work.  

Due to a serious vibrational difference between the two, Spirit can not operate the body directly. In order to operate the body it produces a Soul. Soul can be compared to the Microsoft Windows, it operates our body just like Windows operates a computer hardware and software…but Windows is based on DOS or Disk Operating System. Without DOS

it wouldn’t know that it even exists! Soul is created by Spirit. Without Spirit it would not exist. Watchman Nee in his book “Spiritual Man” tells us: “When the Spirit is in the body something organic is produced. That something is Soul”

            Understand this: Soul and body live only one life. Spirit will continue its journey

entering new bodies and producing new Souls. People who believe in reincarnation often claim to live many lives. Incorrect. The program they develop is passed on to the next

identity of their Spirit. Their problems and achievements will continue during the life of

that identity. Christians profess to living one life. Close, but no cigar! Soul possesses two

intelligences: Conscious and subconscious minds. While consciousness is a clean slate ready to be programmed, subconsciousness has a rough blueprint for our life when we are born. This blueprint is based on reference points which were called sankaras by the great mind researcher: Guatama Buddha. They are impurities that need to be vanquished.

            Understand this: the purpose of life is removal of reference points from your Soul,

that’s why our plans and desires must make allowance for the process to take place. Better still make the release of reference points the objective of your life! Your Spirit will thank you for it! We can come along enjoying life, or we will be dragged along, kicking and screaming, by the reference points of our Souls towards the completion of our life’s purpose. For more on this and other incredibly important and Soul clensing subjects


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