How To Use More Of Your Mind
Written by Kamran Sultan   
Saturday, 01 March 2008

How To Use More Of Your Mind?


There have been massive researches going on around the world to unleash 'the

secrets' of human brain and its potentials.


Many people think that the mind and the brain are the same but they are not.

Everything originates at the level of mind, then it is past to the brain and then to the body.  

The upper part of our brain is divided into two halves, let's call them left brain and right brain.


The left brain is the seat of the conscious mind. It manages right side of our bodies, controls language and general cognitive functions (logic, words, lists, number, analysis etc.) 



The right brain is the seat of the unconscious mind. It manages left side of our bodies.  It deals with rhythm, 

imagination, color, day-dreaming, spatial awareness, Gestalt (whole

picture) and dimension.   Studies have shown that the more you use both sides of your brain, the better your overall performance will be.


Your brain generates electrical impulses or vibrations. In active (awakened)

state an adult's brain vibrates at 21 cycles/seconds. This is called BETA

level of mind. At this level your logical, analytical (left) brain is more active.  


When you relax, your brain frequencies slows down. Research proves that

frequencies from 7 to 14 cycles are the strongest dimension and was the

first one found during investigations with the EEG. This is called the ALPHA

level of mind. At this level both logical (left) and creative (right) brains 

work equally, thus you get optimum results.


Although everyone goes into ALPHA dimensions everyday, the problem is

you do not have control over it. When you go to ALPHA you either you go

to even lower frequencies and sleep or you get out and stay awake.


To use more of your mind, you need the skills to lower your brain

frequencies and maintain conscious awareness.


You will learn how to operate in ALPHA dimension in Jose Silva's

UltraMind ESP Systems Course


Going into ALPHA dimension will strengthen your ESP, your intuition,

your clairvoyance, and your ability to use your mind. This is where you

operate out of time and space dimensions. This is also the Optimum

Learning State or Super Learning or Accelerated Learning state of mind. 


Thought transferring (mind to mind communication) is done here, which

means you can remotely influence others and mentally communicate

your messages to them. 


The next deeper level, where brain frequencies slow down to 4 to 7 CPS, is

called the THETA level. People under hypnosis go into the Theta level and

stay there for some time can actually have surgery, go to a dentist, etc

without artificial painkillers and have it done without pain. This is the

hypnotic state of mind. 


This level is similar to alpha but when in theta you are passive and can’t

think because as soon as you think you will automatically jump up to

Beta. BUT if you are a Silva UltraMind ESP Course graduate then you will

jump up to Alpha and stay there.


One of the things you learn in Silva UltraMind ESP Course is to lower your

brain frequency down as low as possible. Down to about 7 cycles or even

to theta and maintain your awareness. This gives you the ability to stay

in alpha and work on your goals using your psychic abilities even when



The lowest frequencies are 1/2 to 4 CPS we call them DELTA. It is easier

for the body to connect with higher intelligence to get help from Spiritual

Dimensions, to solve problems and find solutions.


The best and safest way to learn to use more of your mind is to join world

famous Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP Course; In it, you will be guided through

many mental conditioning exercises and experience


One of your classmates  will give name of a person and you will detect

information about him/her using your ESP, without having seen the person.

That is ESP in action!


All the best, always

Kamran Sultan

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