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In response to the many questions I receive on a daily basis about the Silva UltraMind Seminar, -questions such as: "What is the Seminar based upon?" "What does it deal with?" "How is the Course structured?" and so forth, We have asked Malcolm Otis Delano, Ph.D., one of our senior Instructors to write a document explaining these issues.  What follows is Malcolm's report.  We hope you enjoy reading it and that it clarifies some of your questions...   ALEX G. SILVA; President, Silva UltraMind ESP System)


This document is an orientation to the Silva Ultra Mind ESP Seminar.

The writing supplies the Historical, Philosophical and Practical background to those materials, which will be encountered in the Seminar.  As such, the document is a Framework of Information, which will be highly useful to have in mind prior to engaging in the actual Coursework.

The SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SEMINAR is based upon the research of Jose Silva of Laredo, Texas.  His investigations were conclusive in revealing that there IS such a thing as ESP.  He demonstrated that EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION is actually a misnomer in that there is nothing EXTRA about it, as we all possess it!  Accordingly, he retained the initials but changed the words to: EFFECTIVE SENSORY PROJECTION. 

From there, Jose sought a practical means of teaching others how to make contact--on demand--with one’s inherent ESP.  The outcome of his search is contained within the SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SYSTEM, which is a practical method of teaching the acquisition of these skills as presented in the form of a two-day seminar.  Thus, the purpose of the Seminar is to impart that specialized knowledge to the student who wishes to incorporate the usage of ESP in daily activities. 

The Seminar contains within it a strong ETHICAL COMPONENT, which states that ALL subsequent usage of the Seminar’s materials MUST BE employed for the “Benefit of Mankind”.  That ethical goal is programmed in the individual exercises program as a means of ensuring that none of the seminar’s teachings can be used in a detrimental way to the Planet or to any of the beings residing upon it.  All Silva Graduates are expected to adhere stringently to this Ethical Code.  It is expected that each Graduate will work to resolve our Human and Planetary problems, -NOT to create new ones!     Jose Silva stated repeatedly: “-We were NOT sent to the Planet Earth for a 70 year vacation; -We were sent here to find ways of making the Planet a better place for all concerned.  When we leave here, we want to leave it a better place than when we arrived…”




To help you understand the rational behind the Silva UltraMind course and the explanation of the foundation, we will use information that one of our outstanding Silva UltraMind Certified Senior instructor’s has written.  He is:  Malcolm Otis Delano, Ph.D.

The SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SYSTEM is a two-day Seminar that can be broken down into four (4) distinct Segments:

1       Day 1,  -Morning Sessions

2       Day 1  -Afternoon Sessions

3       Day 2  -Morning Sessions

4       Day 2  -Afternoon Sessions

The Seminar is traditionally offered on Saturdays and Sundays, thereby giving Students the opportunity to attend sessions without missing days from work or school attendance.  Obviously, exceptions from that tradition can obtain. 

Let begin with Segment 1, -the first morning of the 1st day…

It is at this point that all the business details are finalized.  Tuitions are resolved, sign-in cards are filled out, Reference manuals in their binders are distributed and nametags are issued.  Once all the “business details” are resolved, the class is ready to come to order.  For most of the students, this will be their first opportunity to meet the person who will be their teacher.  Most students have journeyed to a specific city wherein the Seminar will be presented.  For the most part, they do not know the other students (except for those friends or family-members who may have accompanied them to similarly take the course).  And, naturally enough, the personality of the teacher is not yet known.

The Teacher will introduce herself or himself.  In this regard, for the sake of ease and simplicity, I am going to assume the role of your Teacher.  So there you have it, -here’s Professor Malcolm, now standing before you, wearing (among other things) a clean shirt and a harmless smile.  I will introduce myself and say a few words of welcome.  I will then ask each student in turn to give a self-introduction to the class.  Each Student is asked to say a few words about: “Who you are; -where you come from; -something about your background; -how you learned about Silva UltraMind and what you hope to gain from the Seminar.”

When the last Student has finished, I will then tell the class a bit about myself.  In this, you will only hear the good things about me!  When I finish what will surely be a very brief presentation, I will tell you what the ground rules for the Seminar will be:  Bathroom breaks, refreshment breaks and lunch breaks will be ample.  However, NO class may begin until all members are returned from any of the breaks and therefore, it is incumbent for all Students to return to the classroom punctually.

An additional rule is that any questions, which arise about the materials presented, must be aired.  Alex Gonzalez Silva, who is in charge of the SILVA TEACHERS’ TRAINING SEMINAR, emphasizes “The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!” 

The final rule is that once an Exercise begins and you have been directed to close your eyes, your eyes MUST remain closed.  You may change positions in your chair and scratch a bothersome itch and do any of the fidgety stuff that you cannot suppress but your eyes must remain closed till the Exercise concludes.

I will then present some of the specialized Terminology used in the UltraMind Seminar.  As typical examples, you will be taught the difference between concepts such as “Subjective/Objective; Imagination/Visualization; and so on.  It is strongly recommended that the Student be very clear on the Silva UltraMind Terminology.  In general, it has long been my observation that ALL courses ranging from Anthropology to Zoology have their own, specialized Terminology and that much personal difficulty can be averted if the Student learns that Subject’s specialized terminology at the very outset of the teaching.  Many of the terms used in Silva UltraMind are terms that are shared by other Paranormal or Mystical factions, which are found in any given Society.  Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for that same word to have a different meaning from group to group.  Thus, we Silva UltraMind Students should be clear on the words and concepts that we use among ourselves.  Simultaneously, in talking with students from other disciplines, we should be aware of the terminological differences, which may obtain.

I will tell you a brief history of Jose Silva and his unflagging efforts to establish a means whereby anyone could tap into the ESP that he presumed resided in every person.

                   JOSE SILVA   (b. Aug. 11, 1914 – d. Feb. 7, 1999)

Jose was truly a remarkable man; -like Thomas Edison or George Washington Carver, he was one of those unschooled “Home-Grown Geniuses” who seem to appear every now and then upon the American scene.  He was born in Laredo, Texas, on August 11th, 1914, the son of Mexican immigrants.  His father was employed by the Mexican National Railroad at a particularly dangerous time owing to the presence of the ongoing Mexican Revolution.  His father survived several wrecks caused by blown-up bridges and sniper fire.  After one such incident surgeon removed one of his lungs.  Thereafter, he quickly succumbed to the International Spanish Flu, which claimed millions of lives around the globe.  Jose was 4 years old at the time of father’s death and the family had to be re-configured.  He and two siblings were returned to Laredo to live with his grandmother and her son.  His mother took the infant sibling and went to San Antonio in search of work.  Jose lived with his grandmother and uncle—who had become his actual parents--till he left home and married at the age of 26.

When Jose was 6, he was living at a poverty level in an America quite unlike the America of current times.  We now have various “safety-nets” established such as Social Security, Workmen’s Compensation, A.F.D.C. and others, -none of which were available to needy families when Jose was a child.  Thus, when it came time for him to attend school, he went to work as a shoeshine boy instead.  He soon added a 2nd job by becoming a newspaper boy and not much later, a third job cleaning offices after business hours.  This early childhood zeal to work set the tone for an equally busy adult life.  He never went to school a single day in his life, -in fact, the first time he EVER set foot inside a public school was for the purpose of meeting with adult students who were eagerly awaiting his teachings.

Hard work, dynamic energy and a pragmatic viewpoint were the very hallmark of Jose’s life.  Whenever he decided to learn something new, he attacked it with all the energy and gusto at his disposal.  So it was that learning how to read and write—and this included the acquisition of English—simply became “more Jobs” that had to be firmly seized and resolved correctly.

When Jose was 14, he “rented” manuals from the local barber who had signed up for a Correspondence Course in Radio Repair.  Jose studied the manuals and took the tests at the end of each lesson.  Eventually, a Diploma in Radio Repair and Electronics was issued, -not in the name of Jose, but in the name of the Barber who had ordered the Course.  The Diploma hung on the barbershop wall for a number of years, -never used by the barber.  But Jose had the knowledge, which he then put to practical use by opening up a Radio Repair business in Laredo.  Very soon, owing to his prodigious energy, he had the largest shop in the area.

Electronics was a subject that “spoke to Jose”; -later on he learned how to repair television sets as well.  These activities enabled him to draw comparisons between the workings of electronics and the workings of the human brain.  This sort of background served him well in his subsequent development of the Mind/Brain Activities that have since become associated with his name.

As a young adult, Jose became an ardent student.  He studied all the major religions in the world, all the philosophers and all the healers.  He studied Psychology because he had a tremendous desire to find out why people behaved in the way they did.  Though a constant reader, Jose never read a novel in his life. –Always an intensely practical man, he simply believed that all reading had to teach him something and novels were a form of idleness, -and idleness was something he could never tolerate.

Toward the end of WWII, (1944) at the age of 30, he was drafted into the US Army.  He studied Psychology and Hypnosis, experimenting with how it fit into a Mind/Brain Theory.  He found Hypnosis to be impractical and soon abandoned it.  By 1949, he had arrived at a method of Mental Training.  He decided to apply this method to his own children in the hopes of improving their I. Q.  He believed that his method would “calm them down and increase their concentration.”  As part of his curriculum, he would present poems to his children as a means of improving their memorization.  Then, one day he finished a poem which he read to his eldest daughter, Isabel, and was bringing out a 2nd poem which she began reciting “even before” he began reading it to her.  And then she continued doing this with each successive poem he planned to use which gave him the stunning sensation that she was “actually reading his mind!”  Following this remarkable occurrence, Jose intensified his attempts to expand Isabel’s clairvoyant abilities.  In his opinion, the child’s actions directly contradicted what all the Educators and Parapsychologists were saying in the early 1950s.  By then, it was slowly being conceded that such a thing as ESP “might” exist; -a few individuals were born here and there who “seemed to exhibit” an occasional touch of “Psi” as it was called, (in reference to Psychic abilities,) –but it was more or less universally stated that “Psi” could NOT be taught to someone who hadn’t been born with it.  Thus, the production of Psi was seen as a freakish sort of thing, which just happened to show up “out of the blue” when an occasional child happened to be born with it.   

Undaunted by this prevailing opinion and eager to share the news about Isabel’s dramatically improving skills, Jose wrote to the famous Dr. J.B. Rhine at the Duke University Parapsychology Lab.  Dr. Rhine’s response was curt: -He said that they knew of NO way to develop ESP in a subject and that most likely, Isabel “had been born Clairvoyant” (able to see into the future) and that her father had “fooled himself into thinking that he had developed this gift in the child”.

In spite of this rebuff from a Giant in the world of Science, Jose decided to continue his work by training more Clairvoyants just as he had trained young Isabel.  Scientists hired by Jose who carefully checked his work and validated what he had accomplished examined the new crop of students.  There then followed years of teaching his methods to other children and later he taught mixed groups of adolescents and adults.  He was now careful to have all his work checked by Scientific methods and his findings were always validated.

Now much encouraged, Jose presented his Course for the first time in Amarillo, Texas, in the year of 1966.  That first Course was named SILVA MIND CONTROL and the public received it with mounting enthusiasm.  Things progressed so well that Jose had to train others to help him in the burden of teaching with all of the travel that was entailed in serving so many locations.

But then a glitch arose on the American Scene in 1978.  In the city of Oakland, California, a psychotic minister named Reverend Jim Jones had a congregation known as “People’s Temple”.  He urged his followers to move with him to a newly established “Paradise” in Jonestown, Guyana.  Soon after they moved, disquieting reports began cropping up about the “conditions” which prevailed in the “People’s Temple” of Jonestown.  Owing to the many “irregularities”, Leo Ryan, U.S. Congressman of the 11th District of California decided to fly down to Guyana to personally investigate the situation.  Soon after his arrival, he and some members of his entourage were murdered by gunfire.  Knowing that Congressman Ryan’s failure to return would provoke a storm, Reverend Jones ordered his flock to drink a fruit-juice laced with Cyanide.  Most complied with the Reverend’s command; -those who didn’t were shot down by the armed guards employed by Reverend Jones.  Over 900 people died, including more than 200 children.  This tragic event—naturally enough—was played out heavily in the Media.  As expected, the issue of “Mind Control” became a sinister topic.  The enrollment of SILVA MIND CONTROL students plummeted for a while.  Shortly afterward, the Seminar was re-named THE SILVA METHOD and its popularity soon resumed…

In 1997, Jose developed a new Seminar known as the SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SYSTEM, and IT IS THIS NEWER COURSE THAT CONCERNS US HERE!  Jose had become convinced that a system of HIGHER INTELLIGENCE existed somewhere in the universe.  He believed that this was the ultimate source of ESP and that our principal job was to receive information from Higher Intelligence regarding what we were sent here to do on the Planet Earth.  He had no doubt at all that we were sent here to improve conditions for all, but each of us in our own way needed to find one’s individual assignment.  After much deliberation, it finally came to Jose that contact with Higher Intelligence took place by means of the “Delta Doorway”.  The technical details of establishing contact were then worked out and presented in his Mental Video Technique; -a system whereby problems could be submitted to Higher Intelligence and an appropriate response could be anticipated.  This theme will be continued later in this report.

Jose Silva believed that the creation of his UltraMind System was the crowning achievement of his life.  He referred to it as “The Ultimate of the Ultimate!”

Jose died peacefully in his 84th year; -his life had been a single, uninterrupted surge of vigorous creativity and he left our presence when his work among us was completed…





Your attention will be drawn to a multi-colored chart that will be displayed prominently in the classroom throughout the duration of the Seminar.  This chart is of great importance for understanding the entire underpinnings of the Silva UltraMind ESP System.  Let us start at the very beginning:

The brain of the fetus in the mother’s womb at some point in its development begins to produce a detectable electronic beat.  When this occurs, it can be said that something human has now entered the picture.  At this rudimentary level of life, the measurable range of brain cycles is ½ to 4 beats per second, which characterizes the DELTA Level.  When that sound is detected one can say that technically, a living, growing creature is present, but very little else.  Delta is a brain state associated with unconsciousness, whether it is the deep sleep of a baby or a state of comatose unconsciousness.  When the baby closes its eyes, the brain cycle corresponds roughly to the baby’s age.

Once the baby is born, it progresses upward through the measurable brain cycle levels.  Roughly around the age of 4, the developing human being enters the Level of Theta, characterized by the range of 4 to 7 beats per second.  Great amounts of sleep are still present in the infant’s behavior, but Theta brings with it the production of observable Thought Processes and Purposeful motor activity on the toddler’s part.  As well, the infant is attuned to Inner Conscious Levels of the (Subjective) Mental World.

Continuing its upward climb, roughly at the age of 7, the human child enters the Alpha Level, characterized by 7 to 14 beats per second.  In this level of brain, the individual continues attunement to inner conscious levels and is now operating predominantly in a Subjective (INNER) mental realm wherein ESP resides.  Alpha is a world where the limitations of Time and Space do not exist.  This will be discussed below under the separate heading of ALPHA.

Around the age of 14, the adolescent enters the BETA level, which, for 90% of us, will remain the predominant level of orientation for the remainder of our lives.  The individual in Beta is now depending more on OUTER Conscious Levels rather than INNER Conscious Levels.  Beta is the place of the Physical World, also known as the Objective World.  The individual negotiates that world by a strong reliance upon the five human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  Quite unlike Alpha, the world of Beta has very strict notions of Time and Space and these notions guide our Beta activities.

Roughly speaking, this is the journey through the varied Brain Cycles taken by the typical Human Being advancing from fetus to adult.  None of these Brain Cycles, however, are exclusive in that one is ALWAYS in Beta or always in Alpha.  It so happens that during the course of our days and nights, we flip around through the various Brain Cycles, even though we are usually preponderantly Beta or preponderantly Alpha in our daily functioning. 

There is one other thing to add to this Brain Cycle journey;  -We left the Subjective Plane shortly before our birth when the first Delta “ticking” occurred in the brain of that fetus that would eventually become you or me.  That Brain signal indicated that we had now moved into the Objective Plane.  Later on, at the time of death, the final sound that is detected in the dying brain is that same Delta Cycle, -now slowing down from 4 beats to 3, to 2 to 1...; -and then a total cessation of any “ticking” at all.  Within that ensuing quietude, we have come full circle; -we have left the Objective Plane and are now restored to the Subjective Plane from whence we came.  For this reason, the “Delta Doorway” is seen as the place of passage between the two worlds of Spiritual and Physical…       


The Human Brain is a physical organ of enormous complexity.  It has evolved to its present state throughout the ages that mankind has been upon the Planet Earth.  What started out as a “Reptilian” Brain has evolved through successive stages into the magnificent structure that we have today.  The Human Brain is truly a work of wonder whose full range of astonishing capacities is still unknown.  Anyone who is interested in studying the Human Brain in great detail will find a host of reading materials available on the Internet or in bookstores and libraries.  Naturally, the Reader should be prepared for forms of writing that are highly technical and heavily laden with its own specialized vocabulary. 

For the purposes of our Silva UltraMind ESP Seminar we are principally concerned with two (2) major elements of the Human Brain; -They are the Left Brain Hemisphere and the Right Brain Hemisphere.

The Left Hemisphere is concerned with the work-a-day world, which we have described as Beta and all the facts and functions that are part of that world.  In Silva, this is what we call the “Outer Conscious Level.”  For the most part, we have been heavily oriented to the Left Hemisphere since the beginning of adolescence.

In the early years of our life, the Right Hemisphere was more involved in our daily activities than in later stages of our life.  Perhaps you remember having imaginary playmates, -of speaking to companions who were not “there”, -that is, they were there Subjectively, but NOT they’re Objectively.  Or perhaps people appeared to you in very vivid form, -inexplicable “Visions”, as it were.  –Or you “just knew” beforehand that “something” was going to happen on a given afternoon; -and later on that day it DID happen, just as you had surmised… 

As we age, however, the importance of Alpha gradually gives way to the societal demands placed upon the developing adolescent.  We live in a Beta World, which means that Society values a Left Brain orientation much more highly than its Right Brain counterpart.  Therefore the High School and College educational experience is geared toward meeting the needs of a greater, Left Brain Orientation.  In the process of doing so, the development of the Right Brain Hemisphere is often neglected or suppressed.  Jose Silva estimated that only 10% or our adult population remains “Right-Brained” people.  The remaining 90% are Left-Brained Beta people who rarely utilize the benefits of Right Brain functioning.

But, who are these Right-Brained people, and how are they different than their Left Brained counterparts?   To begin with, the Right-Brain population is more attuned to Thoughts and Feelings.  They are oriented to matters such as Creativity, Inspiration, Intuition, Imagination and Discovery.  They seek information from Within, rather than Without!  In Silva UltraMind, we know these Right-Brained individuals as people who are principally oriented to the “Inner Conscious Level”.  Writers, Poets, Sculptors, Inventors and Painters are prominent members of the Right Brain grouping, along with Mystics and Visionaries of assorted fields.  They are more or less “Naturals”.  As you saw in the earlier Chart of Brain Evolution, Left Brain people are Beta people who typically operate at the “Outer Conscious Level” and the Right Brain people are Alpha people who predominantly operate at the “Inner Conscious Level”.

In Silva UltraMind thinking, we do NOT denigrate Left Brain functioning.  Instead, we believe that a greater balance between the two Hemispheres should obtain in a person’s life.  We want the two hemispheres to WORK TOGETHER in a more balanced and cooperative way.  Specifically, our approach is this: -We want to access information from Alpha, -the Inner Conscious Level and then pass it over to Beta, the Outer Conscious Level.  The information that we obtain in this manner can then be successfully employed for the resolution of any problem, which confronts us.  Alpha is great for information finding; Beta is great for the implementation of that information.  We can thereby see that neither Hemisphere is “better” than the other; -rather, if they function together in a more harmonious way, the individual’s mental power is boosted immeasurably!  In this way, the individual is aided in negotiating his/ her life and in aiding Society.  This means that in order to have a more “well-rounded” or “well-grounded” individual, we need to find a means of redressing the balance; -we have to find some method of boosting our Right Brain Hemisphere activity. The specific way Jose Silva devised for redressing this balance is through the usage of MEDITATION—one of our principal tools—, which you will read about a bit later in this report… 


There is a lot of confusion in our daily conversations about the Brain and the Mind.  We so often hear people talking about these two subjects as though they were one and the same thing.  They are not!  The Philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote that the Human Brain is only the RECIPIENT of Consciousness; -it is NOT the source of true knowledge.  In this connection, it would be a good idea to consider how the mind and brain differ.

Unlike the Brain, which is a physical organ, the Mind is of Spiritual origin.  It cannot be seen, touched, weighed, tasted, smelled or painted in various colors.  Yet, it exists in the form of Consciousness!

In the opinion of countless investigators through the ages who have studied our relationship to the world around us, Mind is seen as the source of Consciousness and Intelligence, which fuels our world.  In the opinion of Physicist David Bohm, a former colleague of Einstein, our Universe begins to appear as a “Gigantic Thought”… 

It is believed that every person has a brain, but of Mind, there is only one, -of, which, in some degree or another, we all have access to.  That conception seems quite plausible.  While we cannot hope to describe its appearance, many writers speak about Mind’s QUALITIES.  Larry Dossey, M.D., for example, sees Mind as being “Non-Local”.  By this, he means that Consciousness has the capacity to free itself from the local body and go elsewhere (non-locally) to effect situations in remote places.  In addition, Dossey sees another attribute of Mind as being “Non-Temporal” which means that Mind exists quite apart from Time.  Instead of being in the past, present or future, Mind operates in the ever-present NOW…

An additional quality of Mind is that it is All-Knowing Consciousness.  Its messages to us are always the CORRECT messages.  We sometimes see this in cases where people fall asleep agonizing over a solution to a great problem they cannot seem to resolve.  In this regard, one can read of Elias Howe (1818 – 1867) who strove mightily to invent a mechanical sewing machine that he just couldn’t get to perform…   One night, in a deep sleep, (most likely down in the Delta Brain Level), he experienced a vivid dream.  He found himself on a dessert island surrounded by a ring of menacing savages.  They held spears in their hands, which they jabbed at him in a rhythmical fashion while simultaneously stamping their feet.  In this manner, they came closer and closer to him, thereby making the circle increasingly smaller.  And then he noticed “IT!” -right at the pointed end of each spear, there was a HOLE!  And Howe then awoke from that dream with the sure and certain knowledge that his long-awaited solution had arrived: -In order to work correctly, the hole--or eye--of the sewing-machine needle needs to be at the POINTED end, and not at the butt end of the needle as is traditionally done!  This creates what is known as the “Lock-Stitch”.  The very next day he made that modification and his sewing machine became an instant success around the world.

A second example of this process has to do with Robert Louis Stevenson, the writer of Children’s stories.  He never knew how his stories would go as they twisted and turned to the final chapter.  But at night, -while sleeping deeply, his “Fairies”, as he called them, would come to him and dictate the words that he should use.  On the following day, he wrote down what had been told to him in the night and his success as an author was assured!  Stevenson never hid the fact that he received this unusual sort of assistance…   

In reviewing some of this, one can get the feeling that when we talk about the qualities of Mind: -that it is All-Knowing Consciousness; -that it exists outside of Time and is everywhere in Space at the same instant; -then perhaps we are talking about the traditional conception of God.  –And perhaps that is exactly what we are doing here.  Jose Silva was a life-long Roman Catholic but his Silva UltraMind Seminars do not impart a sense of any specific Religious orientation.  On the other hand, it is stated in his Seminars that something bigger and greater than ourselves is “out there”, -moreover; it is available to all of us.  At times, Jose spoke of “Higher Intelligence” or “Creative Intelligence” or “Higher Learning”.  Students who are religious often simply plug in the word “God” when they hear these other phrases.  For myself, I prefer the Native American term “Great Spirit”.  I think it simply sounds more poetic that way.  It should be clear by now that the specific word or phrase YOU use when talking about the unknown identity of Mind should be something that makes sense to YOU.  –And may it serve you very well…

At any rate, Jose Silva with his radio-training background saw a connection in all of this.  Here was the radio, a physical object like the human Brain.  And coming out of the ether which fills the universe there is a non-physical signal--just like Mind--which can be “picked up”, -or “received” if we tune that radio/Brain to the proper Alpha channel!  In this, one begins to see the Silva Process at work…

And as to the art of tuning things correctly, we will now move on to Meditation…




Meditation has been around in Human History for a long, long time.  Buddha used it 500 years before the birth of Christ and it was already ancient by the time that someone first taught Buddha how to use it.  Indian Scriptures talk about using it 5,000 years ago!  In those days it was almost purely an Eastern Tradition associated with such Countries as India and later on, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, China and Japan.

The arrival of Meditation in the United States, however, is of fairly recent origin.  To be sure, there have always been Student/Explorers who journeyed to the East for reasons of their own; -and some returned to our shores with Meditation skills which they had learned in their travels.  Later on, rather early in the 20th Century, some Teachers from the East arrived and began giving lessons on the philosophy of their homeland.  Famous Teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda and Krishnamurti established Centers of Eastern Philosophy, principally in California.  

But Meditation gained its greatest foothold in the United States in the late 1960s and the 1970s with the arrival of Transcendental Meditation (TM) as devised and taught by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

To Western eyes, the Maharishi was a curious little fellow.  He was heavily bearded, with scraggly hair, dressed in what appeared to be flowing white sheets and sat cross-legged on a cushioned bench surrounded by flowers.  He spoke in a high-pitched, “sing-song” voice and he had a tendency to “giggle” which only added to the uniqueness of his presentation.  But suddenly his image was everywhere in the U.S. owing to the frequent TV coverage he received.  The Typical American Television Viewer, of course, was far more used to seeing his heroes wearing six-guns and riding horses rather than seeing “a giggling, li’l feller dressed in a bed-sheet hunkered down on a cushion surrounded by posies...” 

And in the way that these things work, the Maharishi’s sudden notoriety was further enhanced when it became known that he was serving as the Personal Guru to American film stars and International Rock Musicians.

The United States in the 1960s and 1970s was a nation in foment.  The youth were questioning the values of their parents, their teachers and the Establishment in general.  There was a very unpopular war going on in Vietnam with public resentment spilling out onto the streets of American cities.  The smell of tear gas was often in the air as Police waged an ongoing struggle with rioters.  The bombings of Governmental Buildings were not at all uncommon and the Civil Rights Movement was swelling immensely adding additional confusion to the Public unrest.  “Gay Rights” was making its presence known.  Illegal drugs were suddenly in vogue due to the encouragement of a pair of unlikely “Gurus” in the form of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, both instructors at Harvard, the very bastion of Conservative Establishment.  The message of Doctors Leary and Alpert to the youth of America was: “Turn on and Drop Out!”  All of these varied and compelling events appeared consistently on TV Newscasts.  One can well imagine the total bewilderment of Mr. and Mrs. Sedate America as they huddled in front of the Evening News watching this strange and constant parade of clamorous events.  How was one to make any discernible sense out of all of this…?

Meanwhile, through all of this surrounding societal turbulence and tumult, Jose Silva, over there in Laredo, Texas, -using his own form of Meditation, was quietly putting the final touches on his original Silva Mind Control Seminar which would be presented publicly in Amarillo, Texas, in the year of 1966…

The Teachings of the Maharishi found a favorable home in Berkeley, California, a city which was often called “BERSERKely” owing to their reputation there of being a “hot-bed” of Counter-Culture activities.  The Maharishi’s Teachings centered on a form of Meditation that he devised and the teachings subsequently flourished in Berkeley.  –And why not; -let’s give that li’l Maharishi feller all the credit he deserves!  TM is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE form of Meditation in that the Student learns how to do it in a very short period of time.  It was of interest to me (who took the Coursework in 1972) that I IMMEDIATELY entered into a DEEP state of Alpha.  However, none of the Teachers there at the TM Center explained to me that now I was “in” the altered brain state of Alpha! –This information was clearly not a part of the instruction.  I have since wondered whether the Teachers of TM knew anything at all about the different Brain Levels, including Alpha.  Perhaps in more recent times it has become a part of their curriculum.  Years later, when I took the Silva UltraMind Seminar, I went directly to Alpha on the first Silva Centering Exercise.  It was then that I learned what being in Alpha meant; -I now felt those same, pronounced physical sensations that I had felt earlier in the TM Course and finally I came to know that this altered state I was in was that place called “Alpha”.

As a general rule, the various forms of Meditation found in the world can be sorted into two distinct groupings.  The majority of them are “Passive” in that the practitioner sits quietly and reflects on one thing to the exclusion of all other things.  TM is of this variety.  The Student is given a secret Sanskrit Word—called a “Mantra”-- which he bears continually in mind and when thoughts intervene, he is encouraged to ignore these unwelcome visitors and focus solely on the Mantra. 

The 2nd grouping utilizes a form of Meditation, which is called “Active”, and this is the form that is used in the Silva UltraMind System.  There will be more discussion about this difference in the section of text, which follows entitled “Alpha”.




Alpha, as we now know, is a place characterized by 7 to 14 cycles per second of brain signal.  We also know that Alpha is a MENTAL (Subjective) realm where ESP resides and Time and Space do not exist.  Jose selected Alpha because he knew that the Alpha signal was the strongest and most consistent signal.  Based on his background of electronics, he knew that this was the very signal that was needed. Therefore, when we want to engage our ESP, Alpha is the place for us to be.  Once they’re--situated in Alpha--we are in our office, so to speak, ready to conduct our business, but in this case our “Mental” business.  And since we know that at this level we are not constrained by Time and Space, it means that from this site, we are now able to project our Awareness to any time or place conceivable; -we have total freedom to do so…

A good example of this can be found in the activity known as “Remote Viewing” which is another way of saying “Projecting your Awareness to a Specific Target”.  The Physicist Russell Targ has written at considerable length about this.  For a number of years, Targ was the Director of a group at the Stanford Research Institute.  It was his job to train Psychics who could go to map coordinates given to them by their Handlers and to report what they “saw” at that location.  U.S. Military Intelligence funded Targ’s Project; -this was at a time of the so-called “Cold War” when the United States and the Soviet Union were doing their utmost to spy on the secret activities of each other in the matter of Nuclear Weapon Sites and Nuclear Weapon Build-ups. 

A good example exists right here of the difference in functioning between Beta and Alpha.  If you are a manager at your place of employment and you tell one of your Aides that you want him to report on what is happening at Latitude 59 * 56 N and Longitude 30 * 16 E, chances are fairly good that he would just stand there, feet rooted to the floor, and stare at you stupidly!  If, however, that Aide were an UltraMind graduate and had trained a bit in Remote Viewing, he would leave the Beta state, enter his Level of Alpha and (within a second or two) would find himself hovering--with Full Awareness--above the City of Leningrad!  The Reader may think this sounds impossible, but Targ’s work validates it.  The thing to remember is that when you are in Alpha, the usual limitations of time and location we are used to in Beta no longer applies!  In Targ’s work, valuable information was retrieved and then made available for Intelligence Analysis.  Of course, one should not doubt that the Soviet Union had their Psychic Specialists who were simultaneously spying on us…

In his book “Limitless Mind”, Targ tells the Reader how to do Remote Viewing.  It is of interest from a Silva standpoint to note that Targ does NOT instruct the Reader to “enter his Level” as we do by way of preparation in our Silva work.  Nor, does he mention the word “Alpha”.  Instead, he has the Reader sit quietly in a dimly lit room.  He then instructs the Reader to “take a few minutes to quiet your mind, breathing deeply and slowly, letting thoughts arise and pass away, until your mind is clear of mental chatter and you feel calm.”  When ready, you will be dispatched to certain map coordinates.

To be sure, this is not a method that will succeed with the majority of Readers.  In his actual Lab Work, Targ was working with individuals who had been screened for success in this sort of undertaking.  Thus he was undoubtedly working primarily with members of that 10% of the population cited by Jose Silva who possess the ability to use BOTH Brain Hemispheres.

When you first enter the Silva Seminar, your own placement in either the 10% or the 90% doesn’t matter at all!  The 10%ers will pick it up fairly quickly because they have been using it all along without knowing that it was Alpha they were using!  Now they have a name to attach to those unexpected and sudden “hunches” or “inspirations” that frequently have aided them.  For the 90%ers, they USED TO use it but haven’t used it very much since they were teen-agers.  So, for this grouping it is merely a matter of recapturing past memories and with the training they will receive, -they will very rapidly have it again.  A simple analogy for this is to think of two groups of swimmers.  One group swam a lot during childhood and has continued the practice on a fairly regular basis into adulthood.  The 2nd group did it a lot in childhood but very little in adulthood.  Each group knows how to swim and with practice, the 2nd group will soon blend in with the other group.

Russell Targ is a fine writer; perhaps this is because--as a Physicist--he has one foot firmly planted in the Scientific World and the other foot walks gently on a Spiritual path.  I suspect that this unusual blend enhances his ability to communicate especially well with his readers…

Undoubtedly, the most famous Mystic in America was a man from Kentucky by the name of Edgar Cayce.  (b. 3/18/1877; d. 1/3/1945)  

Cayce entered an altered state of Consciousness by means of a self-induced trance while reclining on a couch with his eyes closed.  By using this approach, he was able to project his Awareness to any place directed.  Most of his work centered on the physical diagnosis of people who wrote to him for help with their physical suffering.  When Edgar was properly settled on his couch, his wife gave him the name and address of some needy soul; -he was told to “examine” that person and to make a recommendation for alleviating the cause of the person’s discomfort.  Seconds later, there was Edgar at the bedside of the patient.  “Yes, we have the Body!” –was his way of indicating that contact had been made.  I have often wondered who it was that Edgar had in mind when he used that word “we”… 

I once read an amusing incident about Cayce.  His wife got the numbers of the street address reversed and sent him off to the wrong house!  She had told him something like: “Go to 51 Maple Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, and examine the condition of Mr W.!”  Cayce immediately “went there”, only to report that Mr W. was apparently NOT AT HOME!  It was almost as though that selected invalid had just risen up out of his sickbed and stumped out of the house for the moment, -tired of waiting for Edgar’s arrival, perhaps!  Undaunted, Edgar decided to go up and down Maple street, -scouring the neighborhood as it were, in search of that very elusive “Body”.   Meanwhile, Mrs. Cayce, back at Home Base, is sort of feverishly checking out the Address Roster when Edgar suddenly announces: “Yes, we have the Body!   It’s here at #15, not #51...!”  At which point, his wife discovered her routing error… 

Cayce’s reports were usually thorough, and sometimes contained verifiable minutiae.  In this regard, he would sometimes remark on the color and design of the wallpaper or he would describe an unusual ornament found in the patient’s room.  An attending stenographer recorded every word he spoke while in his trance.   There are well over 10,000 such cases on file at the ARE Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  As well, all the cases have been cross-referenced for the convenience of the investigator who only wants to research a specific type of subject.

But here is the curious thing about Edgar Cayce: -Once awakened, he had no knowledge at all about what he had said while in his altered state!  -Later on, he would read the typed transcript and marvel at the content…

One wonders about this omission; -could it be that Cayce was such a top-heavy “Alpha Person” that he lacked the capacity to transfer Alpha material over to the Left Hemisphere, -the Beta side…  I suspect that to be the case.  I believe this because the opposite is true: -Without training, it is equally hard for a predominantly Beta person to go to Alpha for the purpose of acquiring information.  Instead, the Beta person would seek the needed information from a Beta source, which nowadays might be Google, Ask Jeeves, or perhaps the service of a secretary would be utilized.

In contrast to Cayce’s situation, the Silva UltraMind Student is taught to utilize BOTH Brain Hemispheres.  We meditate to go to Right Brain Alpha to acquire the needed, Subjective information.  And we do this with FULL Awareness!  When we receive the information that we seek, we then pass it over to our Left Brain Hemisphere for subsequent implementation in the workaday world of Beta.  From a Silva standpoint, that is how cooperation is meant to occur in the two hemispheres…

In that regard, here is something to consider:  -Focus your attention on that object over there which we call a “chair”.  What is the origin of that chair?  The correct answer has nothing to do with Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart.  The chair’s birthplace was in “Thought”!  Once upon a time, we had no chairs.  Great Spirit may have created the Universe in 6 or 7 days, but to be sure, the furniture was not included!  It was a primitive time in the history of Humanity so we sat on our heels or on a rock or perhaps a handy log.  Finally, someone who preferred greater comfort “imagined” something else, -something that might be better. Perhaps it was a picture of a rudimentary stool that he saw in Alpha.  Thereafter, in a Beta state, he gathered together the materials that were needed and converted his subjective plan into an objective reality.  And thus was born “the stool”.  With the passage of time, many other people with their own Alpha-Driven conceptions of a better Seating item continually made modifications.  Now we are up to Lazy Boy Recliners that give you neck rubs and back massages, and even piped-in music.  -And so the process continues ever onward…

There are two (2) questions about Alpha that are frequently asked by prospective students.  The first one is: “-How do you know when you are in Alpha?”  The second question is directly related to the first: “-What does it FEEL LIKE when you are in Alpha?”

These two questions are somewhat difficult to answer because the sensations of Alpha are not the same for all people.  In general, when you are in a state of “Reverie” or Daydreaming as it is more commonly called, you are undoubtedly in the place called Alpha.  That pleasant, dreamy, languid mood is found in both, -Reverie and Alpha.  By this sort of description, one might describe being in Alpha as a highly pleasant “Mood”.  As opposed to a “Mood”, I can describe the specific physical sensations in the way that I, personally, experience them…  To begin with, I always feel a warm, fuzzy fullness, which begins in my forehead and then quickly enters the scalp where it “settles in” over the right side of my scalp, -that portion of my scalp, which covers the Right Hemisphere.  I find it a delicious sensation, as though a very warm, wet cloth has been spread over those bodily parts thereby inducing a sense of total relaxation and contentment.  Being in Alpha is a wonderful, human experience!  In fact, being in Alpha is often described as “The place you don’t want to leave once you get there…” We always DO leave that place, of course; -we are there to do our work, whatever that work might be, and whether we accomplish that work or not, we always do leave to take care of pending matters in our Beta life.  A quick glance at the clock tells us that NOW is the time for Tiffany, Crystal and Chelsea to be driven to their Soccer Practice!  We then go and obey that Beta command.  But we leave that wonderful place of Alpha with the full knowledge that it will always be there awaiting us whenever we care to return.  After you have gone to Alpha once, you now know how to get there and you can always go back whenever you choose to do so...

I would like to make a contrast here:  -As Silva students, we engage in the mind-altering experience of entering Alpha at least once on a daily basis, and oftentimes, even more than that.  We go there “On Demand!”  We do this by means of Meditation, -a “natural process” which is part of our human anatomical/neurological equipment.  In this, we are using one part of ourselves to aid or invoke another part of ourselves.  It is as natural as shifting a small parcel from one hand to the other as we walk along a crowded sidewalk; we are using one hand to help the other!

By contrast with what is “natural”, there are “UN-natural” means of achieving mind-altering experiences, which can be induced by chemicals.  Many individuals have found the chemical approach to be desirable, thrilling, even enlightening.  –But there are also many people who have had terrible, -even “Hellish Trips”.  They find themselves stuck there in a chemically created horror show.

In the previous example, if you are meditating and have entered Alpha; -and then if the smell of smoke should enter your nostrils, Alpha would immediately boot you into Beta where appropriate physical action could take place.  You would race to the kitchen and douse the flames and do whatever else must be done…

It is not this way when you have used chemicals to alter your mental state.  You may find yourself in an insufferable place of ghastly visions and gruesome events.  But you will also find that you are in a place where you cannot be extricated; -that is, not till the chemicals wear off.  Everyone has heard all those dreadful stories…

I do NOT make this contrast as a means of dissuading you from the “recreational” drugs of your choice; -that is entirely YOUR business!

I say this for quite another reason: -It is to assure the student that entering Alpha by means of a “natural” ally such as Meditation will NEVER bring you harm.  –No gruesome surprises; -nothing will ever blow up in your face.  –Rest assured in this…!




By now, the Student should have a fairly clear idea about how the Silva UltraMind ESP System will proceed.

At this point we know the Philosophy that is entailed.  We know that ESP is genuine and that we all posses it; however, we have to know how to use it.  We also know that Jose Silva devised a method whereby it could be accessed by anyone who would care to utilize ESP in daily activities.  That method is embodied in the Silva UltraMind ESP System.  The vehicle for accessing ESP has to do with Meditation and this is something that you will quickly learn.  Once we learn how to meditate, we can access the region of our Right Brain Hemisphere.  This action will alter our Brain State from Beta down to Alpha, a lower Brain Level that enables us to utilize the various astonishing features that are characteristic of Alpha with its non-local, non-temporal features.

Accordingly, we must now learn how to Meditate and go to “Our Level” which is Alpha range of 7 to 14 cycles per second.  Our objective in the Silva UltraMind ESP System course is to lower the brain frequency as low as possible in Alpha and hopefully even into Theta.  We will get there by means of meditating different exercises including one called “The Silva Centering Exercise”.  You now stand poised at the entrance to an exciting and wonderful new world…!

But prior to doing so, we shall first take a 15 minute Class Break…






Many potential students wonder whether they should take the Seminar in person or purchase the home study CDs…  Sometimes they agonize over this.  It is okay to do both, but my advice is to do the Seminar IN PERSON and do it FIRST!  There is nothing better than having a living, breathing Instructor in the same room with you who will answer your many questions right on the spot.  A fellow-student will raise even the questions that you don’t even think about asking and you will benefit.  The danger to studying alone is that when you make a mistake you will continue to build upon that mistake.  We all know that mistakes have a way of spreading upward and outward in their own stealthy fashion.

However, if you decide to purchase a Home Study CDs, headquarter has them on hand.

After you have taken the Seminar, you might find it handy to have recourse to the individual CDs as a means of refreshing yourself in this point or that.  An alternative to this, of course, is that in the very region where you live you will find there are other Silva UltraMind graduates who meet regularly for support and further study.  Seek them out! 

In this, there is a story about a man who was searching for a nice hobby.  He finally decided that he would like to be able to identify the heavenly constellations, -the individual planets and stars.  So he went out and bought a book about this very topic and night after night he went up to his rooftop with the book and a flashlight.  In a very short time, he became quite proficient in identifying the heavenly bodies. 

Then his wife started complaining about his figure.  He was working all day and spending every night up on the roof.   He was getting very little exercise and was becoming flabby.

So he decided he would learn how to swim.  He went out and bought a book on how to swim and read it from cover to cover.  One week later, with all that new knowledge, he jumped off the dock and immediately drowned!

Hey, -What went wrong?  -Well, the first two subjects are “Educational”.  But, the subject of swimming is “Experiential”.  It is quite difficult to learn how to swim without having a coach alongside.  Having that Silva UltraMind Instructor in the same room will help in making your learning experience a success…      

And now that you have graduated, what will you do with the new material you have learned?  In effect, what will you do with the new YOU?

If you do nothing more than continue a practice of daily Meditation, you will find a great improvement in your health, mood, efficiency and relationship to others.  But most people will want to do more than that and so they often choose a specialty.  In this, Jose Silva used to say that he wanted to see “a Healer in every family”!  Perhaps you will choose to specialize in Healing, whether it is done on-site or even Remotely.

Other people choose to utilize what they have learned for the purpose of becoming better in the field in which they are employed.  A businessperson can become more intuitive about the needs of her clients.  A storeowner can stock his shelves more in line with the changing tastes of his clientele; -he can anticipate this even before the public consciously realizes that public preferences have now veered off into a new direction.

Many people in the medical field have used the Seminar to strengthen their diagnostic skills.  Related to this, my first Silva Instructor was a retired Air Force specialist in aircraft mechanics.  He used to go into Alpha and “travel” throughout the many separate systems of the engine in order to identify the root cause of the engine’s disability…

It is a proven fact that “Intuitiveness” can be heightened, and this is to the benefit of whatever your calling in life might be.

Perhaps you would like to locate missing persons or missing objects.  If you are involved in police-work, you will obtain stronger impressions about suspects in a case.  Some graduates “re-create” crime scenes and obtain the necessary evidence leading to an arrest.

By all means, the opportunities for self-enhancement are virtually endless.  The world is yours to choose from.  –And if you still don’t know which choice to make for yourself, I would suggest that you do the sure-fire thing for accessing information:  -Go to your Alpha level just as you have been taught and ask for advice! 

Well, the time has come for me to say “Hasta la Vista”, -not “Goodbye”, but “Until we meet again”.   And I also want you to know that you may contact me at any time.  I am as near to you as your-keyboard, so, by all means, let’s keep in touch…

I wish you a lovely life and send you my fondest regards,


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