LADDER to Higher Listening

LADDER to Higher Listening

By Jill Ledden, Jose Silva UltraMind ESP certified instructor

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was not listening to you? The person’s mind was focused on something else in a place far, far away?

Have you ever tried to say something and someone finished your sentence in a way you did not intend; misunderstanding what you wanted to say and then seeing him or her dashing off before you had a chance to correct?

How does that feel?

Do you do that to others?

Do you do that to the Divine?

Whether we listen to the divine through prayer, meditation, family, friends & peers, I believe the quality of listening can be greatly influenced with patience, an open heart and an open mind.

In a wonderful how-to book “Listening Made Easy” by Robert L. Montgomery,, are some tips I like to call the “LADDER to higher listening” that I believe can be applied to your relationships with others.


L = Look

Genuinely look to the one sharing with you. Look and listen with your heart, with your intuition and experience the moment, now. Try looking into his eyes. What do you see in her face? What about body language?


A = Ask

Listening with kindness and genuine acceptance to receive, will encourage your intuition to give you questions that will enrich the conversation for all present and possibly take it to a deeper level of knowledge. Your questions can help clarify incorrect assumptions and they can provide feedback on what you are grasping as the message being shared.


D = Don’t Interrupt

What would you do if, all of a sudden, God spoke to you? Would you listen intently? Would you dare interrupt? Acknowledging to yourself of the possibility the divine could be talking to you any moment through the verbalized thoughts expressed by others, would you want to interrupt? What great gifts we give one another when we talk and listen with our direct pipeline to the divine source of insight.


D = Don’t change the subject

Getting back to the scenario of “What if God all of a sudden spoke to you?“ Would you say, “Oh that reminds me when …“ Or would you feel a great importance to the message you are receiving? Honouring the gifts of insight and information shared by others is a gift for them and ourselves.


E = Emotions

Emotions are wonderful expressions of communication, for yourself and for others. Gently expressing your emotions with genuine honesty can be enriching feedback to the person(s) sharing their thoughts with you. Being aware of how you feel at the moment, embracing the feeling with moments of contemplation can give you wonderful insights about yourself.


R = Responsively listen

When someone is verbally sharing, be interested, be alert, be keen; and allow that to be expressed in your face, eyes and body language. No need to have a poker face. Giving of our own thoughts through silent communication encourages others to share, That creates a safe honorable environment filled with love and genuine generosity where the expression of insight and wisdom flourishes.


With this LADDER, you now have the steps to higher and higher listening. Enjoy!


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Jill Ledden is a certified Jose Silva UltraMind ESP System instructor, Samadhi meditation practitioner, certified Graphanalyst (handwriting analyst), Reiki master, Karuna Reiki practitioner with an appreciation for native spirituality. She writes articles and is available for speaking engagements and special events. Tel: 613-828-7019; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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