Rebecca Tripp
Rebecca Tripp

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Position: Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor
City: Westport
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Telephone: Cell: (508) 958-1635
Info: Rebecca has been a Silva UltraMind trainer since 2004. She has a passion for teaching the techniques of Josť Silva because they have worked for her, and have been working for millions of people since the 1960's.

Rebecca has been practicing the art of creative visualization, dynamic meditation, holistic healing and metaphysical solutions for decades. She teaches the Silva UltraMind System course because it gives people the simple dynamic meditation techniques they can use on a daily basis to improve their lives on every level.

She has been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for many decades and she has traveled the world studying with different metaphysical and spiritual teachers, after being introduced to creative visualization in 1967.

The creative visualization worked so well for her it set her on a path to find out why it worked, and how she could use it to help others. For years she extensively studied the teachings of Christian Science, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ernest Holmes and Gurdjieff, to name just a few.

Rebecca has not only traveled the world on a quest for great knowledge, but she has lived in many parts of the country including Hawaii, New York, California and Boston; currently she resides in Westport, MA.

Rebecca's vast experience has led her to a firm commitment of dedicating the rest of her life to bringing the teachings of Josť Silva to as many people as she can. Paralleling the footsteps of Josť himself, her life's mission is to carry on making the world a better place.

Because she uses the UltraMind System techniques with consistent results, she is not only able to teach with conviction the principles of why they work, but how they can work for everyone.

Rebecca currently teaches the Silva UltraMind System course throughout the greater New England area as well as worldwide. She also privately coaches and instructs course graduates one-on-one on a limited basis.

Pre-registration is required to attend any of her classes as seating is limited. Rebecca can be reached by email or telephone at: or (508)958-1635.


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