Kamran Sultan
Kamran Sultan

Instructor info

Position: Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor; Supervisor
City: P.E.C.H.S. Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Telephone: (92) 21-34552392
Telephone 2: Cell:
Website: www.silvaultramind-pakistan.com
Info: Kamran Sultan is Silva UltraMind International Inc; Country Supervisor for Pakistan.

You can take Silva UltraMind ESP training as well as Silva UltraMind Instructor's Training with him.

So if you also want to develop your ESP or enhance your career as a world renowned Silva UltraMind Instructor contact him now!


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Additional Info

Website: www.silvaultramind-pakistan.com
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Occupation: Trainer
Company: The First Institute of Dynamic Learning
City: Karachi
State: No Region
Zip Code: 75400
Country: Pakistan
Address: Ground floor, 90-A, Block 2, PECHS
Phone #: 0092-34552392