Karol Zelazny
Karol Zelazny

Instructor info

Position: Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor; Supervisor
City: Ontario
Country: Poland
Telephone: (416) 833-1799
Website: www.silvaultramindcanada.net
Info: Karol is an author, philosopher and transformational speaker. His book "Walk on Water In The World of Symptoms" is available in book stores in 2008. He is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in Past Life Regression/Exploration and Spiritual Healing. "There is no healthy body without a healthy, vibrant Soul and Spirit, your etheric double or whatever you want to call it." Karol is the father of three sons. He is guiding them to fulfil their life's purpose, leading by personal example.

"I see the Silva ultramind course as a exercise in the removal of blindfolds. Once you are able to assess your situation without the choking influence of negative conditioning, you are empowered to change your life and the lives of the people around you."

Karol has a genuine thirst for knowledge. He can read Egyptian hieroglyphs. His next step will be learning the Sumerian cuneiform writing. He believes that ancient civilizations had scientific knowledge that we are only starting to acquire.

Karol plans to create a True Knowledge Center in Ontario in the near future. "I want to see the knowledge contained in the Silva Ultramind course and other sources, transforming the way we function as an earthly community."

You can attend this seminar for only $495


$445 if you pre-register at least 1 week before the seminar. You SAVE $50.

If you are a graduate of another Silva Course you can attend Silva UltraMind for only $250.

My Ultramind grads can reattend for $25


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