Harun Syed
Harun Syed

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Position: Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor; Supervisor
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Telephone: 0088- 2 -8100177
Telephone 2: 880-1915490541,01919001234,028100177

Syed Harun was born in a renowned "SYED” family
at Khulna, Bangladesh.

During study he starts free lance journalism and act as a
Sports organizer. Finally started his professional
career as a famous Film Maker. But he was not satisfied
with what he was doing.

He had a strong urge to do something for the
betterment of humanity. This desire was so strong
that he continued to search for a method in
meditation technique.

At last he came across Jose Silva’s “Silva Mind Control
Method", the number one Dynamic Meditation system in
the world.

He completed his basic meditation studies under the
direct guidance of the Dynamic Mahee Quazi, the
introducer of SILVA METHOD in Bangladesh and
the other higher Silva Courses under the guidance
of The Great Jose Silva . . . the founder of the method
and Alex Silva, CEO of Silva UltraMind ESP System,
Laredo, Texas, USA in between 1994- 2000.Mr. Mahee
Quazi requested the Silva Head Quarter to include
Syed Harun's name beside his name as an Instructor in
the Silva official web-site.

Syed Harun worked as an instructor and conducted both
Graduate & higher courses of Silva Method independently
Through out Bangladesh.

After passing (transformation) of Mahee Quazi, Syed Harun
continued his work with "Silva UltraMind ESP System",
under Alex Silva in Texas, USA.

Now he is the Country Supervisor/trainer in Bangladesh for
Ultra Mind ESP course since May 2007.
You Can Meet Me On Facebook ID: MQ Mission


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