Dr. Hans R. Bodingbauer
Dr. Hans R. Bodingbauer

Instructor info

Position: Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor; Supervisor
City: Bad Waltersdorf
Country: Austria
Telephone: +43 3333 41499
Telephone 2: +43 6763270180
Website: www.ultramindsystem.at
Info: I am a Biologist by training and worked as a teacher, researcher, manager, Co-founder and entrepeneur. Currently I am a management consultant and executive coach for several industries and love to help people and teach them what we learned from Jose Silva.

I've been married happily for more than 30 years and have 2 adult daughters and one gorgeous grandchild and enjoy playing golf.

I enjoy the challenge to try out new ways and work creatively with people.

"Reality is in the heads of the people" - knowing this has helped me to better understand others and myself.

„When the student is ready, the teacher will be there“ as the Buddhists say - and Jose Silva and his ideas and techniques came at the right time to help me to find my way.


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